Choosing Siding and Windows For Your Home

Sprinkle Home Improvement owner Brad Sprinkle is a University of New Hampshire graduate who has been working in the Cape Cod nearly all his life. Since 1987, he has owned and operated his family business, which specializes in helping homeowners in Cape Cod and the Islands find the right windows, siding, roofing, decks, and porch enclosures for their coastal homes. In these articles, Sprinkle offers advice and guidance and choosing siding and professional-grade windows.

Tips For Protecting Your Home During Harsh Storms

The best way to protect a home during storm season is to plan ahead. Investing in impact-resistant windows and taking any objects that could fly away in the wind off of the porch and patio areas are two great ideas for homeowners living in weather-prone climates.

Do I Need Storm Windows On My Home?

Although storm windows were once thought to be a necessity for people living in coastal areas, they are no longer needed in most cases. Homeowners who live close to the water now generally choose impact-resistant windows instead.

How to Choose New Siding For Your Home

The type of siding that a person chooses for his home is usually based on the particular style that he wants. Beyond style, the other reasons people generally choose one type of siding over another have to do with cost and durability.

Why Aluminum Siding Has Gone Out of Fashion

The real reason why aluminum siding is no longer common in most residential applications is because it simply does not hold up as well to weather and time as other siding options. Choosing a siding like vinyl is a much better and more cost-effective solution for new homeowners these days.

When to Replace Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is known for lasting quite a long time, and most people do not need to replace it unless they want new colors or styles. Harsh weather can be damaging to vinyl siding, but that type of damage can usually be fixed with just a few simple repairs.

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